IELTS模範解答 ライティング 男女の差について(men and women job)

Some people think that men and women have different qualities, which is why men are suitable for some types of jobs and women are suitable for different types of jobs. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Men and women have different strengths and weaknesses, thus it is considered that there are certain occupations, which are suitable for either women or men. This essay will argue that making occupations more open to both genders has tremendous advantages. This will be proven by analysing police officers and researchers.

Firstly, most of the jobs require a mixture of skills. Thus, placing both males and females in a job is likely to provide better outcomes. For instance, in the past, females were often stereotyped as being not brave or being not strong enough, thereby most of the police jobs are predominated by males. However, recent academic research revealed that female officers have a greater understanding of domestic violence and have a deeper insight into crime investigations. Therefore, this example clearly shows that using a gender stereotype to judge people’s ability is a mistake.

In addition to this, balancing men and women in the workplace inspires young generations. Historically, female scientists in Japan were uncommon and they were discriminated, mainly because they needed to be absent from work over a long period of time for their children. However, after the government established a policy to provide maternity leave and flexible shift, the number of female students has gradually increased. Therefore, employers should include a diversity of people from whom younger individuals can pick role models as they choose their career.

After analysing how a mixture of males and females in the workplace contributes to the job and young generations’ minds, it is considered that allowing men into female-dominated occupations and vice versa is positive. It is thus hoped that this approach should be adopted worldwide in the foreseeable future.

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